Research and Data

Take your time, look around, and learn from the research and data that we have pulled together for you. You will find links below to four major topics that we have explored in depth, as they are of particular importance to us and our Initiative. We have gathered data on recent demographic changes in the population of EU mobile citizens (EUMCs), and how although there increasing numbers of EUMCs making use of their right to freedom of movement, their political rights continue to be ignored. We have also taken a closer look at the voting patterns of EU mobile citizens, exploring the likelihood of them voting in different types of elections, and what their motivations or contributing factors might have been for doing so.

Research and data

We also did some research into recent voting rights campaigns and initiatives, looking into their common threads and aims, despite their geographical spread. Finally, we took a deep dive into the world of voters’ registration systems across the EU, highlighting how different Member States have varying expectations, creating obstacles for many EU mobile citizens, and putting the onus on them to figure out the system in their country of residence. We argue that this amounts to a form of discrimination between nationals and non-citizen residents, and our ECI aims to strengthen already existing political rights and that starts with a harmonisation of the registration systems, so that EUMCs can have better access to voting rights.

Useful links

For more background information on our Initiative, do have a look at our Advocacy Paper, if you haven’t already!