2021 Strategy Paper

Background to our 2021 Strategy Paper — updated March 2021

So far, the collection of signatures has been the result of activities led by the task force, links to other European associations and promotional efforts by our 50 partners. The slogan for 2021 and until the extended deadline of 11 March 2022 for signature collection is to “get out of the Brussels bubble” and set up campaign groups in at least 7 priority EU countries and contact points in the others. A small budget is available for setting up coalitions at city or country level and organising a public meeting. Every other Tuesday evening, there is an open coalition meeting to encourage the setting up of national campaigns and to share results.

Other actions are possible. For example, the task force is working on a joint complaint from the countries where mobile citizens cannot even vote back home in national elections: Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Malta and the UK. If you are personally disenfranchised or want to help us eliminate this stain on European democracy, please contact us.

9 May — Europe Day — is being designated “Sign an ECI Day” by us and other ECI organisers. The aim is that on Europe Day people get into the habit of signing as many ECIs or petitions as possible. As organisers, we have also written to the Commission urging them to launch a public information campaign so that more EU citizens become aware of their right to influence the EU agenda.

Europe Day also sees the start of the Conference on the Future of Europe which will address a wide range of topics led by citizens including “the Union’s democratic foundations, and how to strengthen democratic processes…” (read the Joint Declarations here). Apart from organising special events for the ECI, the task force will also work with the coalition “Citizens Take Over Europe” and contribute to events organised within the framework of the Conference.

A key deadline will be the ECIT Annual Conference on EU citizenship scheduled for 28 and 29 October.

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