What Can We Do As An Organisation?

What can we do as an organisation?

Partner up!

Having you as part of the coalition is essential to our success! If you are an organisation working on democracy, voting rights, active citizenship, European solidarity, or you simply think we share some common goals, we would love to discuss all the possible ways of collaborating with you. Email us at [email protected] — we look forward to working with you!

Share our social media toolkit

Feel free to publish our ready-made posts on your social media channel. Feel free to use these as they are or to adapt them to your audience.


Thanks to your generous donation the campaign can continue to grow and to set positive goals for the future of Europe. We are very grateful for your continuing support.

What can we do as an organisation?

Start a national task-force or contact point in the country you're based in

You will be part of a larger number of members more actively involved, i.e. by managing social media, and organising online or physical events in your own country.

Organise events with us

Support the central task force by organising events in big cities in a way to link major electoral appointments throughout Europe with the campaign on voting rights. You'll be in charge of partnerships on the national level, and smaller-scale events can be organised by you as well.

Join our open Coalition Meetings

These take place every other Tuesday at 6:30pm (GMT+1) on Zoom. Everyone is most welcome to attend. Pre-registration is required please.