Court cases and complaints

In the last decades, the European Court of Human Rights has been solicited in a number of cases related to European citizens’ voting rights. The Court has brought clarifications and established principles that must be respected by  European countries.  

 In this section you can find a recollection of court cases as well as complaints put forward to the Ombudsman and less official channels by citizens experiencing difficulties and discrimination when exercising their right to vote-abroad or from abroad.

Court Cases

Shindler v. the United Kingdom

ECHR, 7 May 2013 

Sitaropoulos and Giakoumopoulos v. Greece

ECHR, 15 March 2012  

Matthews v. The United Kingdom

ECHR, 18 February 1999

Doyle v. The United Kingdom

ECHR, 6 February 2007

Hilbe v. Liechtenstein

ECHR, 7 September 1999