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Welcome to Voters Without Borders which puts young people centre stage: a team of Erasmus students, supported by a wider coalition, campaigning for full political rights for EU citizens who practise their rights to freedom of movement. 13.3 million EU citizens are under-represented with the right to vote and stand in European and local elections, but not in regional and national elections or referenda. Check out our proposalour FAQ and our Advocacy Paper to find out more. Please consider getting involved with our project either as an individual or as an organisationBut most importantly — please sign our European Citizens’ Initiative today! Don’t be fooled — there is still disenfranchisement. Become part of the European struggle for “no taxation without representation”.

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This conference on reclaiming European Citizenship took place on 26th — 28th October. If you couldn’t make it, visit the ECIT Foundation website to discover our post-event materials and results.

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If you sign our European Citizens’ Initiative and help us collect one million signatures, the European Commission must act on the following proposals:

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Remove barriers to registration of EU citizens to vote and stand in European and local elections either in their country of residence or origin.


Reaffirm Universal Suffrage as a fundamental right and value. EU citizens should have the right to choose whether to vote in their country of residence or origin for all elections and referenda.

Advocacy Paper


Research the impact of such genuine Europeanization of voting rights, the necessary safeguards, and how they could include third-country nationals.


Sign our European Citizens' Initiative


During the European elections, I could not vote for Slovak candidates due to lack of information and miscommunication from embassy officials. Public authorities were not helpful.For the national elections, I voted by post but many votes got lost, miscounted or the official envelope got delivered too late.

Karl (Slovakian in the Netherlands)


Sign our European Citizens' Initiative


For the local and European elections, I wanted to vote in my country of residence but I was not allowed to vote locally where I am living in Latvia. In addition, I do not receive information about voting. The administration simply says “it is not possible” as a way not to have to solve the problem.

Guillaume (French in Latvia)
Sign our European Citizens' Initiative


I tried to register for voting this year, I sent off all the necessary documents through the government website. I received a reply from my local City Hall that my proof of address is not going to be acknowledged. No explanation why the EDF bill I provided with my name, address and a date from 1 month before wasn’t good enough.

Katarzyna (Pole in France)


Sign our European Citizens' Initiative


I’ve been a Spanish resident since 18 years now and I pay my taxes in Spain ever since, yet I don’t have any saying what it is spent on because we’re not allowed to vote. I own a house, I run a business here and I don’t have any possessions in The Netherlands, yet I am allowed to vote over there. So yes, it’s about time we do something about that. 


Guillaume (French in Latvia)