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We are launching a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)

We demand the EU to remove a stain on European democracy and empower European citizenship, by implementing full political rights for all EU citizens.

If we collect 1 Million signatures, the European Commission must act on the following proposals :


a. Recognize

EU citizens automatically as voters where they reside and remove obstacles to voting and standing in elections across borders.

B. Renovate

Universal Suffrage as a fundamental right and European value. EU-citizens should choose whether to vote in their country of residence or in the country of origins for all elections and referenda.

C. Research

The impact of such steps towards Universal Suffrage for EU citizens and how they could include third-country nationals.
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Time before launching the signatures collection : (4th September 2020)

As European citizens, we are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to be better represented and make our voice heard in a more divided and politically unpredictable Europe. We believe that all EU citizens, regardless of their nationality,  should be recognized as equal and have full political rights.


During the European
elections, I could not
vote for Slovak
candidates due to lack
of information and
miscommunication from
embassy officials. Public
authorities were not

For the national
elections, I voted by
post but many votes got
lost, miscounted or the
official envelope got
delivered too late.


For the local and
European elections, I
wanted to vote in my
country of residence but
I was not allowed to
vote locally where I am
living in Latvia. In
addition, I do not
receive information
about voting.

The administration simply
says “it is not possible”
as a way not to have to
solve the problem.


I tried to register for
voting this year, I sent
off all the necessary
documents through the
government website. I
received a reply from
my local City Hall that
my proof of address is
not going to be

No explanation why the EDF bill I provided
with my name, address
and a date from the
1 month before wasn’t
good enough.


I’ve been a Spanish resident since
18 years now and I pay
my taxes in Spain ever
since, yet I don’t have
any say in what it is
spent on because we’re
not allowed to vote. I
own a house, I run a
business here and I
don’t have any
possessions in The
Netherlands, yet I am
allowed to vote over
So yes, it’s about
time we do something
about that.

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We are collecting stories of people who had difficulties and troubles voting in the country of residence or back home during National, European, local elections and Referenda!

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