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This is what children in Italy are drawing. The main features are notable: a rainbow, a peaceful landscape and reassuring sentences. #Andràtuttobene” means everything will be alright — this is how children are sending a positive message to the world, while #iorestoacasa is now one of the most used hashtags in Italy to encourage people to stay home.

Covid-19 is not a European problem, it is a global problem, expressly -as the World Health Organization has defined it- a pandemic. In some European countries, people are urged to stay at home. Everywhere supermarkets are being assaulted so that Italy has decided to let people in five at a time, bars and restaurants are closed, all cultural events are cancelled, and everywhere a safe distance must be adhered to. In Italy, people are being required to sign a form, self-certifying they are out of their house either for ‘’proven work needs,’’ situations of necessity or health reasons. All European countries must take the right precautions, otherwise, the situation will worsen. Governments are beginning to take strong measures like closing schools and encouraging people to work from home or take forced vacations.

We have to remember that even if  we do not have a solution now to eradicate this virus, together we can limit it, by respecting simple hygiene measures and restricting our contacts with people for whom this virus can be a big risk.

We must be more supportive than ever and think about all the people around us.

The Voters Without Borders’ team expresses its collective solidarity in this moment of uncertainty.