Are you looking for quite an exceptional internship or Erasmus experience? One where you will have responsibilities and also the freedom to make your own choices and take the initiative? Within a fully European context and team of young EU and democracy enthusiasts? Look no further — join our team, and become an intern and team member of Voters Without Borders!

Voters Without Borders is an European Citizens Initiative (ECI) demanding full political rights for European citizens on the move and building a coalition to campaign transnationally on the issue of political rights, EU citizenship and democracy. It is sponsored by ECIT Foundation.

Spontaneous applications

Our task force is always seeking motivated people to expand its reach especially in the main European cities and in all 27 Member States! For this reason, we always welcome spontaneous applications. To join our team, send us your CV and motivational/cover letter at [email protected].

As a volunteer at Voters Without Borders, you will have full flexibility and autonomy to work depending on your availability, but you will have an always wide open eye for opportunities and occasions to promote the Initiative! In particular, we are looking for candidates to help reach the one million target for the ECI.


When we are looking to fill particular gaps in our team, we advertise them here. Please check back from time to time. 

What we offer

Our ECI is gaining high-profile support. For example, on 29 October 2020, we participated in a public hearing in the European Parliament. We have endorsements from many MEPs and politicians. There have been articles in media outlets such as The Economist and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. It is a great opportunity to write or be interviewed by one such big newspaper, write a column in your name on a well-known blog in your country, raise the profile of your organisation and learn a lot more about how an ECI and the EU works! It is a great opportunity to network too! We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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